Where is my monthly mileage summary?

Your monthly mileage summary is a handy tool that displays a given month’s total mileage, total business mileage, total trips, total business trips, and commute deductions.

Follow these steps to check out your monthly mileage summary: 

  1. Open Cardata.
  2. By default, your daily mileage summary will appear on your Driver Dashboard. Above the summary, to the right of today’s date, you’ll notice a Day/Month toggle. Tap the word ‘MONTH.’ 

  3. A mileage summary of the current month will replace your daily mileage summary. From there, you’ll be able to review your current month’s mileage details.
  4. To view mileage summaries from previous months, swipe left on your mileage summary until you hit the month you want to view.
  5. To return to the daily mileage summary view, tap the word ‘Day’ on the Day/M toggle.