Adding a saved Stop

My Stops is a library of frequent stops. By adding frequently visited places to My Stops, you’ll be able to quickly set your start and end points when adding new trips.

There are two ways you can add a saved Stop. We'll cover both in this article.

Method 1: Create a new saved Stop on the Edit Trip screen. This is ideal when you want to add a previously visited destination to your Stops. 

Method 2: Create a new saved Stop when adding a missed trip. 

Create a new stop on the Edit Trip screen

  1. If you want to add a previously visited location to your Stops without creating a new trip, visit My Trips and find a trip where you started or stopped at the address you want to add as a Saved Stop.
  2. Tap the trip's pen icon (edit trip.)

  3. Tap the ellipses icon next to the address you want to save.

  4. Tap +Add to Stops.

  5. Enter the stop name and press Submit.

Create a new Saved Stop when adding a missed trip

If you're adding a trip and want to set one or more of the locations you visited as a saved Stop, open the Add Trip screen and enter the trip date and business purpose (click for detailed instructions on adding a trip.)

When adding your start and end addresses, tap the Address tab.

Enter the address and select it when it appears in the list of address search results. Enter the Saved Stop name under "Name" and tap Submit. If one of the addresses from this trip is already a saved Stop, tap the Stops tab from instead of the Address tab and select the address from your list of Saved Stops.