How to delete a trip

Want to erase a recorded trip? You got it! Once a trip has been deleted, neither you nor your employers will be able to view the trip.

Deleting trips can be a great way to help maintain privacy. That said, take care to avoid deleting business trips, as you will not be reimbursed for deleted trips.

Anyway, on to the fun stuff... trip deletion!

  1. Open My Trips by tapping the My Trips button at the bottom corner of your Driver Dashboard.

  1. Locate the trip you want to delete. Psst... use the trip filter to find it faster!
  2. Once you've found the unwanted trip, tap the red garbage can icon at the top left corner of the trip card. A pop up will appear. Tap, Delete trip.

You’re done... and so is that trip! If the trip was successfully deleted, a green 'Your trip has been deleted' message will briefly appear on the My Trips screen.