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What is my company's car policy?

Your company vehicle policy outlines information on the business use of your personal vehicle. 

Every vehicle policy is different. Listed below is some of the information that may be available in your vehicle policy.

  • Who qualifies for vehicle reimbursements. 
  • What you are reimbursed for and how your reimbursement rate is calculated.
  • The dates you will receive payments. 
  • How to stay in compliance and receive non-taxable reimbursements.
  • Your responsibilities as a driver. 
  • Termination and resignation policy.
  • Insurance details.
  • Mileage reporting. 

It’s important to read up on your company vehicle policy to ensure that you stay compliant and receive tax-free reimbursements without any hiccups.

To find your company vehicle policy, visit the My Program screen on Cardata. From there, you’ll find a link to your car policy.