How to submit your insurance

Ready to submit your insurance? 

Submitting your insurance is the fifth and final step you'll need to complete as part of your onboarding. You'll also need to re-submit your insurance if it is about to expire. We recommend that you use a computer to upload your insurance.

Click here for a complete onboarding checklist.

Scroll down to watch a video tutorial on submitting insurance. 

Step one: Get the upload link 

You’ll start by sending yourself a secure link through which you will upload and submit your insurance document. Follow these instructions to get the upload link:

  1. Open Cardata.
  2. From the Driver Dashboard (the first screen you see when you open Cardata), tap the three-line menu icon at the top left-hand side of the screen.

  3. Tap Profile, near the top of the menu.  

  4. Tap the 'My Insurance' tab.

  5. Tap the button reading, Get secure upload link and share the link to your email.

  6. On the ‘Insurance’ screen, you’ll see a list of items you need to show proof of coverage of. Make sure those pieces are clearly shown on your insurance document.

  7. You should receive an email containing the upload insurance link within a few minutes.
  8. In that email, you will find an upload insurance link ( Click the link.

Step two: Upload insurance

Click the link and follow the instructions on to submit your documentation. Once the upload is complete, a green checkmark will appear under 'Files Uploaded’ on If you see that checkmark, your file has officially been uploaded. 

After uploading, please give our team about 72 business hours to review your files. 

Next steps

It's official! You're set up and ready to go with Cardata. We highly recommend that you set up scheduled tracking before you begin driving for work. Click here to learn how.

Video tutorial