Can I set a different schedule for different days?

Yes, you can set different tracking schedules for different weekdays! 

  1. Open the Scheduler on Cardata by tapping the pen icon (edit schedule) to the right of today's schedule.

  2. Tap the Edit button on the schedule card.

  3. By default, all days are pre-selected. Deselect all days that you do not want to schedule. For example, if I work from 8-6 Monday to Friday, I would deselect Saturday and Sunday.

  4. Now you’ll set your start/end time. The start and end times are pre-set to 8 am - 6 pm. To change the times, tap the Start time tab and scroll through the rolling clock until you’ve landed on your start time. Repeat this with the End time tab.

    5. Tap Update schedule. You’ll get redirected to the Schedule screen, which will have been updated to reflect the new schedule. If you’d like to schedule something for the remaining days, repeat step 2 on the second card.