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Read on to learn about the tools in your Cardata Cloud toolbox.

The "User" category

Link to driver

Link to driver grants admins the ability to enter a user’s Cloud space.


  1. Go to Tools > Click Link to Driver
  2. Select User
  3. Click ‘Link to a Driver’

From there, admins can view mileage summary, click into specific dates to see trip details or even override mileage and trip classification.

Add user

Admins can add new users (drivers, managers and admins)* into the system manually. Note: If multiple users need to be added, and it would be too difficult to do manually, please contact your CSM or our support team. We can add users in bulk.


  1. Go to Tools > Add a User
  2. Select User Type: Driver, Manager or Admin

If ‘Driver’ is Selected…

Admins will need to fill out the driver’s information. This includes their name, email, and job title. Admins will also need to choose the vehicle profile (based on what was created during implementation). Admins can opt to send the welcome email directly to the driver (this is highly recommended, please click on ‘Yes’)

If ‘Manager’ is Selected…

Admins will need to fill out the manager’s name, email, manager ID, approval description, and assign relevant drivers to the manager. Managers will receive an email with login details. 

Managers are responsible for monitoring and approving mileage accrued by the drivers assigned to them. The main tool is the Dashboard, Tools, Reports and Mobile Menu. Admins do not have access to the payments section.

If ‘Admin’ is Selected…

Admins will need to fill out the name, email, any division assignment, and administrator type.

There are three administrator types:

  • Limited Administrator
    • Can link to driver
    • Cannot add or edit users and divisions
    • No access to annual review or payments
    • Can access every report but the ‘All Field Report’
    • No access to Mobile Menu

  • Coordinator
    • Option to maintain drivers and divisions on client sites
    • Viewing company and vehicle profiles
    • Access to reimbursement calculator (admin version only)
    • Access to annual review
    • Override or approve manager mileage approval status, only viewing
    • No access to Prorate Fixed Reimbursement page in Payments menu

  • Admin Approver
    • Same functionality as Coordinator, plus access to prorate fixed reimbursement page in payments menu

*Please note that adding any new user (driver, manager, or admin) results in an addition to your total user count.

Edit user

In the Edit User, admins are able to update any user information. They can also resend the ‘Welcome Email.’ 

The "Company" category

View and edit information on your company.

Company profile

Admins can view the profile that they were set up under. This includes details such as contact information and set up dates.

Vehicle profiles

Admins can view the various vehicle profiles that have been set up, along with the settings associated.

Add division

Admins have the ability to create new divisions within their company. Admins can view the current divisions and add a new division name. 

Edit division

Admins can edit any divisions here by editing the name and viewing how many active and inactive drivers are associated. 

Change tracker

The Change Tracker allows admins to view any changes made within the system. Such changes include: when users added insurance, when insurance expired, when an admin changed a lock date, when a user was terminated, etc. 

How to use: 

  1. To Whom: add user’s name (please provide last name, first name).
  2. Change Type: would leave blank to see all changes.
  3. Change Sub-Type: would leave blank to see all changes.
  4. Start Date.
  5. Stop Date: do not need to change.
  6. By Whom: can leave blank.
  7. Click Submit.

All changes that have occurred will be listed below. Tables can be exported into an Excel.

Tip: to see all changes, leave the ‘To Whom’ section blank. It will give all changes within the program. On Cloud, use the filters by clicking the purple text. Or, export as an excel and filter. 

The "Business Intelligence Tools" category

Reimbursement calculator

The reimbursement calculator allows admins to calculate users’ fixed and variable costs based on their zip code/postal code. The reimbursement calculator will also determine what the FAVR minimum vehicle costs to a user.