Using the Payments page

Visit the Payments page to view the current and past status of driver reimbursements through the ACH process.

Master Payment Notice

The Master Payment Notice is generated after the driver lock date. The Master Payment Notice shows what each driver will be paid for the month. Admins will receive an email to review the report each month and click the Approve button. Pressing Approve sends an email to our direct pay department notifying them of approval.

Manager Approval Status

The Manager Approval Status is generated after the driver lock date. As an administrator, it will show which of your managers have completed mileage approval for their assigned users. Administrators will also have the ability to override any manager approval.

Once the approvals from managers are complete, a button reading ‘Approve’ will appear. Please note, administrators will still need to click ‘Approve’ in the ‘Master Payment Notice’ for final reimbursement.

Prorate Reimbursement

The Prorate Reimbursement allows administrators to overwrite a fixed reimbursement for the previous month.