How to add a driver

Follow these steps to add a new driver to your program.

  1. Login to Cardata Cloud and go to Tools > User > Add User

    Choose the User Type as “Driver” and hit the Next button

    Enter all the necessary information for the new user. Here are the mandatory fields:

    • First Name: Enter the driver's first name
    • Last Name: Enter the driver's last name
    • Email: Enter the work email address
    • Employee Number: Enter the employee number
    • Street: Enter the address
    • City: Enter the city
    • Province/State: Choose the province from the drop-down menu
    • Postal Code: Enter the postal code
    • Vehicle Profile: Pick the vehicle profile you want to assign to this user
    • Annual Mileage: Pick the mileage band you want to assign to this user
    • Territory: Always choose “Home Address City”
    • Start Date: Select the user's program start date
  2. For the question, Do you want to send an email with login and password information now: Please make sure to always select the YES radio button. This sends the user their welcome email.
  3. Hit the Add Driver button.
  4. The new driver should have received a registration email with the username and a link to set up the password.

Below are the optional fields that you can fill out if relevant:

  • Job Title: Enter the job title
  • Managers: Select the manager this person reports to
  • Division: Select a division from the drop-down menu
  • Business Unit: Enter the business unit