How to add a manager

Manager: Managers are an optional user role on all types of reimbursement programs. Managers have access to the same mileage and compliance reporting that administrators do, but they are only able to see data for the drivers that report to them. Managers can also review and approve mileage for their reports monthly. 

  1. Log in to Cardata Cloud and go to Tools > User > Add User.
  2. Choose the User Type as “Manager” from the drop-down and hit Next.
  3. Enter all the necessary information for the new manager: 

      • First Name: Enter their first name.
      • Last Name: Enter their last name.
      • Email: Enter their work email address.
      • Drivers: Select all the drivers that will be reporting to this manager. Make sure to hold down the command/control button when selecting multiple drivers.
  4. Hit the Add Manager button.

After clicking Add Manager, the new manager should receive a registration email with their username and a link to set up the password.