How to add an admin

  1. Log in to Cardata Cloud and go to Tools > User > Add User.

  2. Choose the User Type as “Admin” from the drop-down and hit Next.

  3. Enter all the necessary information for the new admin. Here are the mandatory fields:

      • First Name: Please enter the first name.
      • Last Name: Please enter the last name.
      • Email: Please enter the work email address.
      • Coordinator: An Admin who is a Coordinator has the ability to add and edit Admins. Select “Yes” if applicable.
      • Admin Approver: Admin approvers are responsible for approving the Master Payment Notice and can override the approval of any Manager. Approval from all Admin Approvers is required before the reimbursement payment occurs. Select “Yes” if applicable.
      • Limited Administer: Limited admins can only see reporting and add/remove drivers for specific divisions. Select “Yes/No” as applicable.
      • Divisions: Select the division or divisions. Admin is authorized to view and edit. This includes the ability to add and edit Drivers and Managers that belong to specific divisions. As well as the ability to view reports from a division. Hold CONTROL while selecting multiple divisions.
  4. Once you're done, click Add Admin.

After clicking Add Admin, the new admin should receive a registration email with the username and a link to set up the password.