Using your Dashboard

The summary tab features a visual summary of your entire program. You can adjust the Date Range to access data from any desired time frame. 

We offer visual summaries for the following information:

  • Total reimbursement
  • Total Mileage
  • Active Driver Count
  • Number of trips
  • Month over month comparison
  • Drivers eligible for reimbursement
  • Average reimbursement per driver
  • Average fixed per driver
  • Average variable per driver
  • Top 5 and bottom 5 drivers by distance 


The Mileage/Reimbursement tab houses the following information: 

  1. Active Drivers: On the left hand side, managers can view each division. Each division can be expanded to show a list of drivers belonging to the expanded division.
  2. Traffic Light System: Beside each driver’s name is a colored dot. There are three colors that can show up: 
    1. Green: The user has set up their profile and sent in all compliant insurance documentation.
    2. Yellow: The user has not set up their profile and/or finished registration.
    3. Red: The user has either not provided compliant insurance documents or has been terminated.
  3. Monthly Reimbursement: A visual summary displaying each driver’s monthly reimbursement. It can be filtered by month or year.
  4. Monthly Mileage: A visual summary displaying each driver’s monthly mileage. It can be filtered by month or year. Each user has a bar that can be clicked into to see how their monthly mileage/reimbursement is trending. 

Tracking Adoption

The Tracking Adoption page allows managers to see which users are inputting manual trips or users that are adjusting their trips.