Using the Reports page

Below are the key reports and descriptions of most frequently used reports.


Reimbursement Totals – Time Period: This report displays the total, cumulative reimbursement received by a group of drivers over the period selected. The report can be generated by division or for the period you require.

Fuel Prices: This report provides fuel prices by city or state with the 12-month average of historical fuel prices. 


These reports are dynamic. They change as the system is updated with adds, terms, insurance processing, driver vehicle changes, and so on.

Vehicle Report: This report allows managers to see the drivers information on division, vehicle profile, make, model, trip, year, category, starting odometer and start date.

Vehicle and Traffic Light: This report lists the compliance light status of each driver along with the reason for that status. The report also includes each driver’s personal vehicle information. The report can be generated by division.

Recent Mileage Logs: This report displays mileage logs for the current and previous month for all the drivers. This report can be generated by division and month.

Mileage Report: This report displays monthly mileage breakdowns (business and personal) and odometer readings. It provides a snapshot of traffic lights and activity status.