How to use the Mobile page


The Mobile section creates reports that pertain to mileage captured by the app.

All Reports

In All Reports, managers have the option to choose from two reports to run: All Trip Detail and Daily Tracking Summary. With both reports, the manager can use various filters to find the information needed. This includes certain divisions, drivers, and date selection. 

All Trip Detail: All Trip Detail is a granular and detailed report containing address origin, destination, departure time, arrival time, trip duration, and trip distance. 

Daily Tracking Summary: Daily Tracking Summary provides a summary of daily driver business mileage.

Daily Mileage using Tracking 

The Daily Mileage using Tracking report allows the manager to see how many trips were captured via app tracking vs. manually adding trips into the Cardata system. This report is more detailed when exported. 

Tracking Mileage Adjustment

The Tracking Mileage Adjustment shows when a user has made an adjustment to their trip. The report outlines the destination, original mileage, adjusted mileage, and additional notes.