An overview of Cardata Cloud

The guide serves as an overview of each of the four pages in Cardata Cloud: Mileage, Reimbursement, Driver Profile, and Support. Read on to learn about what you'll find in these pages.

Monthly Mileage Summary

Right after logging in, you'll land on the Monthly Mileage Summary page. Here lives a summary of all your trips from the current month, and you can change the month displayed using the filters.

Daily Trips: Under the date section, click into any date and review that day's trips. You can see the route taken, edit the trip or add any missed trips to that date.

Bulk Classify: You can bulk classify your trips by using the ‘Select All’ toggle or individually toggling each date. Then, select the classification and click Save Selected.

Schedules: View when you updated or changed your tracking schedule.

Devices: View the device and operating system that the app is on. You may need to get this information when troubleshooting app issues with our Support team.


View past and present mileage and reimbursement, along with applicable company information.

Monthly: Use the monthly section to view reimbursements from previous months. If you want to view previous years, you can do so using the drop down menus. You can also view your fixed reimbursement, business mileage, cents per mile, variable reimbursement, total, status and depreciation.

Driver Schedule and Fuel Map: The Driver Schedule and Fuel Map contains all the information that was submitted for driver identification. This includes, name, address, zip/postal code, vehicle, and reimbursement. You can select the fuel map (under reimbursement) to get a sense of what the local fuel rates are in the driver area.

Car Policy: View your company car policy along with important dates such as mileage reminder, second mileage reminder, mileage lock driver, mileage lock admin/manager, and approval cutoff.

Driver Profile

Driver profile includes all your personal information and may be updated anytime. To ensure confidentiality, only you can update your information.

  1. Vehicle
  2. Address
  3. Password
  4. Email
  5. Phone


Support leads you to the FAQ & Support section of our website.