Why does Cardata require motion tracking?

There are a lot of different ways we move—we run, bike, fly, drive, take the hovercraft out for a spin… You get the idea. 

Without detecting your motion and the speed at which you’re moving, Cardata wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between driving and any other type of motion. As you can imagine, this could lead to a lot of unnecessary tracking and recorded trips.

Cardata also uses motion detection to tell when a trip starts and begins. When your speed indicates that you're driving, our tracking technology swings into action and begins capturing your trip. Then, when you slow down or stop, tracking promptly ends and your trip is processed and saved.

A note for iOS users: Cardata will end your trip when your speed drops down to walking levels. The app assumes that you're walking away from your vehicle and stops tracking. Handling your device during an ongoing trip may cause your device to misinterpret the movement as walking and prematurely end the trip. We recommend that you avoid using your device while driving.