Why you should enable Wi-Fi

Enabling Wi-Fi is a great supplement to your device's tracking and motion detection technology for more robust and well-rounded trip tracking. In summary, enabling Wi-Fi improves trip tracking accuracy and motion detection. Importantly, it's completely risk free: You'll never connect to unknown Wi-Fi networks or notice battery drain, and there are no privacy concerns associated with Wi-Fi connection.

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When you've enabled Wi-Fi, your device will essentially be able to "see" any Wi-Fi network that it comes in close proximity to. Your device can also determine the location of the Wi-Fi networks that it sees. Because it can only see networks that are nearby, your device can get a good read of your current location based on the Wi-Fi networks it sees at a given time. Your device leverages this information to help determine your location.

Wi-Fi will especially help boost tracking when you're in dense cities with high buildings. In these cases, GPS can get tripped up, but Wi-Fi can identify your location very effectively because there are so many different (and close by) Wi-Fi networks in denser areas.

Finally, enabling Wi-Fi helps your device discern whether or not you're in motion. If it notices that nearby Wi-Fi networks are changing often enough, it assumes that you must be driving. 

➡️ You will not connect to unknown Wi-Fi networks

Even with Wi-Fi enabled, your device will never connect to unknown Wi-Fi networks without your knowledge. You'll only ever connect to an unknown Wi-Fi network if you manually connect to it. 

A cellphone displaying all nearby Wi-Fi networks. While many networks are displayed, the device is only connected to one.

➡️ Enabling Wi-Fi will not drain your battery

Even though your device will register nearby Wi-Fi networks, it doesn’t actually interact with them. This limited interaction means that very little battery power is required here.

➡️ No Internet data required

This will not use up your data: A Wi-Fi connection does require use any data whatsoever.

➡️ This will not affect your privacy 

Wi-Fi networks that are nearby will not learn a single thing about your device, even with Wi-Fi enabled.

In order for these Wi-Fi networks to gather information about your device, you would have to connect with them, and that will never happen without your explicit permission.


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