Where do I find my bank account info?

To receive reimbursements, you’ll need to provide us with the following banking information: 

American Banking Canadian Banking
1. Routing number (9 digits)
2. Account number (4-17 digits)
3. Account type
1. Branch number (5 digits)
2. Institution number (3 digits)
3. Account number (5-12 digits)

There are a couple of different ways you can locate your banking information.

Option 1: Find your banking info on your personal check

Your personal check is the most convenient way to find your banking information. All the banking information you need to provide is located at the bottom of the check.



Option 2: Find your banking info on your online banking account 

Your banking information can be found by signing into your bank account online.

If you’re having trouble finding this information through online banking, reach out to your bank directly.