How do my trips get tracked?

Cardata Mobile harnesses premium technology to capture business trips with high precision and accuracy.

How are my trips tracked?

💡Only trips that are taken while tracking is on will be processed by Cardata. Learn more about location data and privacy.

To track trips, we use a combination of geofencing and motion detection sensors.

Geofencing Motion detection sensors

Geofencing sets virtual boundaries around a real-world location, such as your home or office, using GPS or other location technologies.

Most modern mobile devices have motion detection sensors. These sensors communicate the speed at which you're moving to your device so it can tell whether you're walking, running, driving, etc.

Here's a step-by-step breakdown of how your trips are tracked:

Step one: A 0.15 mile radius is placed around the your most recently recorded destination, as well as “Saved Stops” such as your home, office, or favorite pit stop.

Step two: When the app detects that you have exited the 0.15 radius, it wakes up and discerns the speed at which you're moving. If it’s driving level speed, our tracking technology swings into gear and begins tracking.  Cardata Mobile also uses motion detection sensors to discern when a trip has ended.

Cardata Mobile also uses motion detection sensors to discern when a trip has ended.

    • iOS devices: A trip ends when the speed at which you're moving slows down to walking levels. The app assumes that you're walking away from your vehicle and stops tracking.
      • 💡Tip: Handling your device during an ongoing trip may cause your device to misinterpret the movement as walking and prematurely end the trip. We recommend that you avoid using your device while driving.
    • Android devices: A trip ends when motion detection sensors discern that you're no longer driving due to lack of speed.

Step three: After a trip is tracked, the app checks whether you've enabled tracking.  If tracking is enabled, the trip is sent to Cardata Mobile’s servers via end-to-end encryption. Then, Cardata Mobile processes and saves the trip. If tracking is disabled, the trip is immediately and permanently discarded.

Every trip that is processed and classified as a business trip will be included in your next reimbursement. Ka-ching!