Location data and privacy

Your privacy is, and always will be, at the forefront of Cardata Mobile. Here's what we do to ensure your privacy is respected and protected every step of the way.

  1. You're in control: Every inch you drive will only ever be processed if you've given Cardata Mobile explicit consent to track your trips, either by using the Tracking Toggle or the Tracking Schedule. Trips that you take while tracking is off are completely inaccessible to Cardata and your employers, and trips classified as Personal will not be viewable by employers. If you choose to delete a trip for any reason, it is permanently and irrecoverably removed from our system. 
  2. Safety features in place: With the use of PathSense technology within Cardata’s app, trips are tracked and stored completely on your device. If you drive while tracking is enabled, the trip will be sent to Cardata servers via end-to-end encryption. All data on Cardata’s servers are additionally encrypted at rest.

While tracking is a vital part of using Cardata, there are many ways you can control your privacy and data.

Set a tracking schedule: The tracking schedule is a great way to control when Cardata can (and can't) process your trips. Set it up to match your work schedule and trips will never get processed when you drive outside work hours.

Toggle tracking off: Turn the tracking toggle off to temporarily stop tracking at any time.

Delete trips: You can delete any recorded trip. Once it has been deleted, no one, including yourself, Cardata, or your employers, will be able to view the trip. That said, take care to avoid deleting business trips, as you will not be reimbursed for deleted trips.

Classify trips: Personal and unclassified trips are not viewable by your employers. How do I classify trips?

Log out (not recommended): Logging out will block PathSense from tracking your trips. Just don't forget to log back in before you start driving for work!