Why haven't I received my payment?

If you were expecting to receive your reimbursement by now, check your company’s vehicle policy to make sure you’ve got the correct payment date. You can also find your payment dates on Cardata, under ‘My Payments.’Certain scenarios may delay your reimbursements, including:

  • The payment date has fallen on a weekend or holiday. If this is the case, you’ll receive your payment on the following business day.
  • You’ve fallen out of compliance.
  • You haven’t submitted the required insurance documents.
  • You submitted insurance documents late.
  • You uploaded incorrect bank information.
  • You submitted your mileage after the lock date. 
  • Make sure you’ve carefully read your company’s policies regarding payment eligibility, as there may be additional, company-specific scenarios that can potentially delay reimbursements.

If none of these scenarios apply to you and you still have not received your reimbursement, reach out to our team at support@cardata.co.