Why wasn't my insurance approved?

When an insurance document submission is rejected, it’s often because important information is missing or illegible. 

This article lists common submission errors. You can cross-check this article with the insurance document you provided to determine why your submission was rejected. 

After you’ve determined the problem(s), correct and re-upload your submission. How do I upload insurance documents?

Once you’ve uploaded your document, please give our team about 72-business hours to review your files. 

Reason 1: Your document isn’t clear enough to read

Your insurance documentation must clearly show that you're covered for all of your minimum insurance requirements. 

If your documents do contain all the information needed, the text may be too small for our team to find it. As a general rule, if you cannot easily read your documents, we probably can’t either!

Reason 2: Your document is missing important information

Your insurance document must prove that you’re covered for certain insurance requirements. Requirements may include: 

  • Coverage type (bodily injury, property damage, etc.) 
  • Your coverage limits.
  • A description of your vehicle.
  • Insurance policy end date.

You can find more details on the information that needs to be included in your documents by visiting ‘My Insurance’ on Cardata. Where is ‘My Insurance'?

If you’re still having trouble determining the cause of rejection, reach out to our support team at support@cardata.co.