SSO: Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions about SSO? Well, we have answers! Take a scroll through this FAQs article to learn more.

What does SSO stand for?

SSO stands for single sign-on.

What is SSO?

A lot of applications and services require users to create a brand new username and password when they sign up. Most of us modern humans use a large number of such services, and managing numerous login credentials often looks like one of two things: juggling many different usernames and/or passwords, or, despite the warnings, using the same username and/or password for everything.  

SSO is a solution to this inconvenient issue. In a nutshell, SSO is a service that lets users access multiple applications or services with just one email and password. By eliminating the need for managing many different logins, users see less security risks related to weak or forgotten passwords. Not all services offer SSO login, but Cardata is proud to say that we do!

You will now be able to use your existing work email and password to log in to the Cardata app and Cardata Cloud. This new login method will make logging in easier, faster, and more secure. It's another step we're taking to make your Cardata experience smoother and more user-friendly.

What are the benefits of SSO?

There are so many benefits of SSO! They include:

  • Convenience and ease of use: With SSO, you’ll only need to remember one set of login credentials, which makes accessing multiple applications or services a breeze.
  • Improved user experience: SSO eliminates the need to log in to each system or service individually. This means less time spent on login screens and more time being productive. 
  • Enhanced security: SSO can improve security for end users. The reason is that users only have to remember one password, so they're more likely to create a stronger one. In addition, when you need to sign in less, hackers have fewer opportunities to intersect your information during login. 

Is SSO available to all Cardata users?

SSO is an add-on service that a company can choose to include in their Cardata program. You can only log in using SSO if your company has chosen to include SSO in their Cardata program. If you try to log in through SSO and receive an error message stating that you are not SSO-authorized, it means your company does not offer SSO and you won't be able to access Cardata via SSO. If that’s the case, go back and log in using your Cardata username and password.

If SSO is something you're interested in, we encourage you to discuss it with your company's administrator. They can provide further details and potentially look into adding this feature for your organization.

Is SSO secure?

SSO is highly secure. That said, it's always a good idea to create strong passwords and change them every three months.

I'm having trouble logging in. What should I do?

For detailed instructions on logging through SSO, click here.

If you've logged in correctly but are still experiencing problems, visit this SSO login issues article or contact our support team at

What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, you will need to get someone from your company’s administrative team to create a brand new password for you. After that, you can log in to Cardata using your new password.

Cardata cannot reset your work email’s password under any circumstances.

Can I log in using any of my email addresses?

Only your work email address, provided by your employer, will grant you access to Cardata. You cannot use any other email address.

I see the SSO button on my login screen. Does this mean my company enabled SSO?

All drivers, SSO-enabled or not, will see the SSO login button on their login screen.

Will I need to log in through SSO every time I use the app?

You do not need to log in every time you open the Cardata app. However, for security reasons, you will need to occasionally log in. When you log in, you’ll use SSO. 

Can I log in with SSO on Cloud too?

If your company is SSO-enabled, you can only log in to Cardata Cloud using SSO.

My company started using SSO. Can I keep using my username to log in?

You can no longer use your username to log in to Cardata. If you need to log in, use your work email and password instead.

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