Using to tools page

Mileage Approval Report

This page is the mileage approval page for managers. Managers are required to approve the business mileages and reimbursements for the drivers that report to them. Managers will receive an email notification that their drivers are ready for review and approval after the driver mileage lock date has passed. Once a manager approves their drivers, the mileage approval report will show the approval has been accepted. The manager has until the approval end date to approve their drivers. Watch the video here for a quick overview.

Link to Driver

Link to driver grants managers the ability to enter a user’s Cloud space. 


  1. Go to Tools > Click Link to Driver
  2. Select User
  3. Click ‘Link to a Driver’

From there, you can view mileage summary, click into specific dates to see trip details or even override mileage and trip classification.

Company Car Policy

This document is available for viewing if the company has provided the car policy to Cardata.