Is it a bug? 🐛

Found a bug to report? Read this first!

When it comes to testing the beta app, we're putting our focus toward perfecting the most crucial aspect of our product: Tracking. 

In an effort to zero in on tracking, we’ve chosen to temporarily remove some features and screens from the beta app. Once we've collected enough feedback confirming that our tracking function meets our team’s and drivers’ tracking expectations, we'll begin reintroducing the features that make Cardata so special. 

When something isn’t behaving how you would expect it to, please consult this list before reporting it as a bug. If whatever you’re experiencing is listed below, it’s an expected limitation and not considered a bug.

If it’s not listed, report it as a bug and our team will take care of the squashing. 

Expected beta limitations:

No tracking schedule, manual start/end trip, or tracking toggle

  • You will not be able to set a tracking schedule, manually start/end trips, or use the tracking toggle. Instead, tracking will be enabled 24/7. If you don’t want the beta app to track a trip, log out before you start driving. 

No “Trip in progress” trip map

  • A map of your route will not appear while a trip is in progress. Instead, you’ll see a “Trip in progress” message on your Driver Dashboard. 

No trip filter on “My Trips”

  • The “My Trips” screen will display a list view of all your trips, including ones taken before you began the beta testing program. There will not be an option to filter these trips by date or classification.

Delay in appearance of SOS trips

  • Trips tracked when you’re out of cell reception will not appear on the ‘My Trips’ screen until after you’ve driven a trip taken in a cell reception zone.

“Business” and “Personal” buttons on your Driver Dashboard are unresponsive

  • The Business and Personal buttons on your Driver Dashboard are not tappable and will not open the My Trips screen. To view and/or classify your trips, tap the My Trips button at the bottom right hand corner of the Driver Dashboard. From there, you'll be able to classify trips from the trip cards.

No registration workflow

  • The new user registration workflow won’t be available. This shouldn’t be relevant to most beta testers.

Bluetooth connection is highly recommended

For better trip start accuracy, connecting your device to Bluetooth, Android Auto, or CarPlay is recommended.

App may not track trips when closed

  • Cardata beta can not guarantee that trips will be captured if the app is closed. As such, it’s important to leave the app open in the foreground (app is displayed on your screen) or background (app is open but not displayed on your screen).

Screens not included in beta: 

If you need to access these tools and features, please log in to Cardata Cloud using your Cardata username and password. We ask that you do not use the primary Cardata Mobile app to access these screens.

  • My Profile
  • My Banking
  • My Car
  • My Insurance
  • Car Policy
  • My Payments