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I need to edit a locked trip - what do I do?

Looking to edit a locked trip? 

You may still be able to make adjustments to the trip, but it does depend on how much time has passed since the lock date. The sooner you take action by following the instructions below, the more likely your trip will be adjusted. So, get busy! 

If your lock date has passed, ask your manager if their lock date has passed as well. If it hasn’t, they will be able to change your trip classification for you. 

If both you and your manager’s lock dates have passed, or you don’t have a manager, you will need to reach out to a member of your company’s administrative team. With your company’s approval, we will be able to include the cost of that trip in your next month’s driving reimbursement. 

Next steps

We’ve got an article on what you can do to avoid missing future lock dates. Check it out!