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Activating your account

New to Cardata?

Activating your account is the second step you'll need to complete as part of your onboarding, after downloading the app. Click here for a complete onboarding checklist.

Without further ado, let's get you activated!

  1. Open Cardata.
  2. On the login screen, tap the purple Register button.

  3. Enter your username and tap Next.

    Tip: Your username can be found in the Cardata registration email that was sent to your work email. If you can’t find it, search your inbox for an email titled “vehicle reimbursement program.” If you still can’t find it, check your spam folder.

  4. A one-time login code will be sent to your work email. Check your work email for the code and enter it on the ‘Verify it’s you’ screen. Press Verify

    If you don't receive the login code, tap the Resend the code button near the bottom of the screen, If that doesn't work, press the < Back button and re-enter your username, ensuring that it exactly matches the username in your welcome email. If you're still not getting an email with the code, contact our support team.

  5. Now you need to enter and confirm a password. Make sure it has the following:
    • Eight to 16 characters
    • At least 1 uppercase letter
    • At least 1 lowercase letter 
    • One number
    • At least 1 special character
  6. Press Next.

Depending on your company, you may need to enter your phone number to set up 2-factor authentication. Next time you log in, you'll receive a text containing a verification code, which you'll need to enter in the app. Click here for instructions on setting up 2-factor authentication.

Your account should now be activated!

Next steps

Now that you've activated your account, you need to configure your device settings. Click here for instructions for iPhone/iPad, and here for Android instructions.