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Where is my company's lock date?

On the same day each month, there is a “lock date.” The lock date represents the end of the most recent current active period and the start of the next one.  Once the lock date passes, your trips will lock and you will no longer be able to add or change trips you took during the last active period. While you may be able to add or change trips from the last active period, this is not a guarantee. 

Follow these steps to find your lock date: 

  1. Open Cardata.
  2. Tap the My Trips button at the button right-hand corner of your Driver Dashboard.

  3. Tap the date(s) displayed at the top right-hand corner of the Trips screen. This will open a calendar.

  4. You’ll notice the words ‘Active period’ at‘ the top corner of the calendar and rows of dates highlighted in purple. All highlighted dates are part of your current active period. The first day, highlighted in dark purple, is the first day of your current active period, while the last highlighted day is your lock date.

We highly recommend that you the lock date to your calendar! It’s essential to be aware of approaching lock dates to ensure that all of your trips are added and accurate before the arrival of the lock date.