How to change a personal trip to a business trip

If you accidentally classified a business trip as a personal trip, you can edit the trip’s classification as long as your monthly lock date has not passed. Where can I find my lock date?

Follow these steps to reclassify your trip!

  1. Open Cardata.
  2. Tap the My Trips button at the bottom right-hand corner of your Driver Dashboard. This will open the Trips screen.

  3. To find your trip faster, tap the Personal Trips button. Cardata will only display personal trips. Learn more about filtering trips.

  4. Scroll through the trip cards until you locate the trip you need to reclassify.
  5. The trip card will display two tabs, one labeled 'Business' and the other labeled 'Personal.'
  6. Tap the Business tab. 

Nice! Your trip should now be classified as business.